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Are you suffering from chronic low back pain?

DSC_2867-ldu_sideviewLORDEX Spinal Decompression therapy is FDA cleared and has a high success rate for pain associated with herniated or bulging discs…even after failed surgery.  It is a non-surgical based therapy for the relief of back and leg pain. During this comfortable procedure a spinal disc can be exposed to negative pressure. The negative pressure retracts the herniated disc, taking pressure off the nerve roots.

Lordex facts:

  • Relief of acute or chronic (long term) low back pain and/or associated leg pain or numbness, generally within 4 weeks
  • Successful in over 80%-90% of patients
  • Early return to work
  • Non-invasive and extremely safe
  • Cost effective

Picture 008Cervical spinal traction at our office is performed on a computerized Chattanooga TX Saunders system. This touch screen operated system provides a high level of precision, while being comfortable to the patient. Traction sessions are typically combined with cervical spinal adjusting and/or cervical ROM exercises to improve function of the cervical spine. In this way a wide variety of cervical spinal issues can be accommodated.

Lordex – Channel 13 Interview



Wish I would have gone sooner to see the doc.

jeremypic-eI have had low back pain and numbness in my leg for a year from heavy lifting at work and jumping down from a high height. Working, fishing, even walking have become difficult. After going thru the Lordex traction treatments my pain is almost gone. When I do get low back pain it only lasts for a short time. Work is no problem and I have been having a great time camping and fishing with the family.   ~Jeremy F.

I went from world record 548lb squat to not being able to bend over – progress was amazing – follow up MRI was night and day

Pricilla RibicI have been a world level competitive power lifter for 10 years. In 2009 I started having pain in my lower back. Thought it was tight muscles and it ended up being a herniated L5-S1. I went from lifting world records of a 548lb squat, 331lb bench, and 556lb dead lift to not even being able to bend over to tie my shoes or standing stationary for any period of time. It appeared to be a career ender for me until I was referred for Lordex treatments. I worked through the Lordex treatment for approximately 6 months, 2-3 times a week. The results were immediate! The progress over the months was amazing. At the close of my treatments, we did another MRI and the results are day and night compared to the MRI showing the herniation. Today, I’m still rehabbing, but back to lifting 70% of my best! ~Pricilla Ribic Update:  I am back on the platform.  I did Women’s National’s in May and did a 474 squat, 314 bench, and 529 deadlift.  I also just came back from the North American Championships this past weekend where I did a 501 squat, 319 bench, and 507 deadlift (missed 529).  The back is HAPPY!  Thanks for the help.  PS – I am now getting ready to head to Worlds in Pzlen, Czech ~Pricilla Ribic

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