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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Anchorage Spinal Care Center patient testimonials below and please Call us or Click here to email us your questions! Yours In Health, Dr. Stanley Trekell & Dr. Kelly Ketz

Low Back Pain and Ear Infections

Amy T.On and off for the last three years.

I’ve had constant stabbing pain in my low back due to car accidents and work related injuries. It would become difficult to walk, sit, drive, or ride my bike. After I started going to the chiropractor I had no more problems. I can move without any pain.

I also recommend taking your children to go see the chiropractor. When I was nine years old, the doctors wanted to put tubes back in my ear due to ear infections. My mom was against it and so we went to the chiropractor instead and it took care of my ear infections. I would highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is in need of care. ~Amy T

Neck and back pain

I’ve had neck and back pain on and off for 10+ years. Not sure what really set if off this round, accidents from years past combined with repetitive daily activities and lots of heavy lifting. Finally my husband suggested that I get my back looked at by the doctors at Anchorage Spinal Care. I hadn’t realized how difficult all my activities had been to do. I had kept telling myself to “woman up and deal with it”.

After seeing Dr. Trekell my migraines are coming under control and my sinuses are getting better. My energy has increased. I now have stretches that I can do if I overwork. I know my pain is not age getting to me and there is something I can do about it. ~ Cheryl H.


IMG_0003-a I have had headaches on and off for years that comes from tension in my neck. Probably from stress and too many children. At their worst it will be difficult to get out of bed or sit up. Since I’ve been getting adjusted I haven’t had a headache in weeks! ~Heather F.

Mid and lower back pain

I was having terrible mid-back and lower back pain. It was hard to stand up or even walk. Dr. Trekell put me on the Lordex lumbar traction unit and after several sessions I felt great improvement. With a few more weeks of lumbar traction and other therapies I was able to stand up and walk without pain. I have had huge results with chiropractic. My whole body feels great and I am pain-free without surgery!  ~Tesha M.

Neck and Back Pains

XaviarI’ve had back problems for several years from work and break dancing. Aching and sometimes stabbing pains in my back made dancing, and life in general difficult to tolerate. After starting chiropractic care my pain has decreased over time. I also have improved flexibility and a better mood. ~Xavier C.

Pain Unbearable

I couldn’t lift my right leg even to put on socks or shoes. Putting on pants was also a chore, never mind tying my shoes. The pain was unbearable, hip, thigh; knee pains would cause me lower back pain. This was the result of an auto accident. Simple calf on knee to cross legs was impossible. With chiropractic care I have total body flexibility. I can march in and out of this office! I am maintaining spot areas of pain but dressing and independence in everyday working. Hurray!! ~Yolanda T.

Neck and Back Injuries

Jane S.I had neck and low back pain on and off for years with constant ache and stabbing pain due to work. It became difficult to do any house chores and daily activities. Since chiropractic care I’m able to carry on with life activities and hold my granddaughter. I can turn my head all the way and avoid any headaches. I have remained active and have been keeping up with my care. ~Jane S.

Low Back Pain

I had lower back pain on and off for five years with constant aching due to improper lifting. I would have trouble standing for long periods of time and unable to do any of my favorite activities, hunting and fishing. I started coming to see Dr. Ketz and after a few weeks of getting adjustments, Lordex traction, and muscle stimulation I felt great. Chiropractic care has done me wonders and would highly recommend for people who are in need to come and get treatment done. ~Lois S.

Low Back Pain

I had severe lower back pain. It was so bad that I didn’t want to do anything but sit all day or lay down. It was so painful. I felt like I was missing out on my son’s two year adventures. In the first three weeks of getting chiropractic treatment I have felt so much better.

With all of the help and support from the staff and doctor I now am doing what I have been wanting to do and is happy with the results. I am keeping up with my son and enjoying life again. ~Bree G.

Middle and Lower Back Pain Hip Pain Shoulder Pain

The doctors always goes above and beyond helping me with my chronic problems areas. They have shown me many stretches to perform at home. All areas are feeling better. ~Barb K.

Back Pain

I started having bad back problems due to a leg injury. After receiving chiropractic treatment I feel like a brand new person. Best care I could ever ask for and the doctors are A+ ~Brian D.

Back and Shoulder Pain

I came in with extreme back and shoulder pain. I’d waited for about 3 weeks to a month to come in and it was getting worse to then point where it was too bad to lift things at work. My dad referred me here so I decided to give it a try. I should have come sooner! I no longer have the lower back pain! I’m able to lift at work again and rarely have any pain or stiffness. ~Katelyn W.

Lower Back and Shoulder

Great results! I went from not being able to walk, to after my visits, not having any problems. Great service and scheduling which is very appreciative. They continue to help heal the entire body. ~ Kerry M.H.

Back Pain

Had back trouble after my car accident. I could hardly walk and not being able to do any house work. Went to chiropractic care and they worked it out. They were really caring and very patient with me. They did a wonderful job and I can do everything I use too. I thank them for all they did for me.  ~Margaret B.

Back, Shoulder, and Migraines

I was having problems with migraines along with a stiff back and tight shoulder muscles. After gettting chiropractic care I no longer have any migraines. Having massage prior to adjustment helps relax things for an easier adjustment. They make me feel awesome. Terry H.

Shoulder Blade Pain

I had intense pain in my left shoulder blade all the time. Gradually after a month or so the pain got less to the point that I now rarely notice any shoulder blade pain. I am very thankful. ~Troya W.

Only Dr. Trekell Could Help!

I had problems with my hand for a couple of years. After seeing three different orthopedic doctors with no results Dr. Trekell fixed me and changed my life and my skepticism of chiropractic. ~Fletcher R.

Hip, Feet, and Low Back Pain

Back in January of 2014 I had gotten into an auto accident. Since then I have had pain in my hip and low back and numbness down to my feet. It became difficult to climb up the stairs and lifting my right leg over obstacles. After receiving chiropractic treatments and doing the Lordex lumbar traction, my pain level is way down, I feel a lot taller, and it is easier to climb the stairs. I would highly recommended Dr. Trekell and Dr. Ketz to anyone who is in need of treatment. ~Paul H.

Neck and Back Pain

After operating heavy equipement for years as an occupation I would have aches in my neck and back area. Since then I’ve been coming to Anchorage Spinal Care Center to get treated. After having my neck and back adjusted and doing therapies and exercises I felt a lot better. I notice more range of motion and it helps keep me mobile and active. ~ Craig M.

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