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Your Second Visit to Our Anchorage Practice

Your second visit to Anchorage Spinal Care CenterYour second visit will be scheduled 1-2 days after the first visit. On your second visit the doctor will take time to show you your X-rays and discuss in greater detail the nature of your health problem, the plan of care, what to expect during future treatment visits, and any therapies we feel will assist with the treatment of your condition.

This two-visit approach accomplishes several things:

  • Reduces the length of your first visit
  • Gives us time to correlate our findings
  • Discuss what therapy and treatment options the doctors feel will be most effective in treating your condition

We will do everything possible to maximize your improvement in a minimum of time.  In many cases the underlying cause of your problem has taken a significant amount of time to develop.  Give your body a chance to respond to treatment.

Click Here to see what a Regular visit looks like at Anchorage Spinal Care Center.


Neck and low back pain

IMG_0029eI’ve had low back pain for the past 5 months that was very achy with some numbness in my hip. Lifting, bending, sitting, just about anything I’d do during the day would make it worse. With chiropractic care the pain is much more manageable and I can now do all the things I need to through out the day without my pain stopping me. ~Theresa H.

Headache, Neck, and Lower Back Pain

After getting into a car accident I started having neck pain, lower back back pain, and severe headaches. The pain was making it difficult to work labor jobs and significantly increased the time it took to recover from work. Within weeks of receiving chiropractic care my headaches are almost completely gone. I am able to work longer hours and I don’t need as much time to recover between jobs. I have also learned a number of stretches and exercises to increase my range of motion. Within these new skills I am able to lessen the discomfort when it occurs. ~Ziek H.

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