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Regular Visits at Anchorage Spinal Care

A typical office visit will usually include manipulation of several areas of your spine or other joints or muscles.

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Other therapies such as ultrasound, e-stimulation, diathermy, and massage therapy may be used to assist in reducing inflammation, swelling and nerve pain. Certain compressive injuries to the spine may respond well with disc and joint opening treatments (traction) which encourage replenishment to injured areas by healing body fluids. Depending on the treatment, a visit may only take 20 minutes while some therapies can take up to an hour.

Our patients have had tremendous results using neck and low back traction/decompression programs to help resolve the symptoms arising from damaged cervical and lumbar discs.

We will visit with you regularly about your work, home, and sleeping posture ergonomic concerns.  These affect how your spine performs for you.

We realize your time is important and we do everything possible to run on time.

Out of consideration to our other patients, a 24 hour rescheduling notice is appreciated.

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Mid Back and Low Back Pain

Dyana M.For years I had been dealing with multiple back pain issues due to two car accidents, sports injuries, and scoliosis. It was very painful to do any type of movement and there would be constant ache, burning, stabbing, and numbness. After chiropractic care between doing exercises, stretches, and getting treatment I now have my life back and am pain free! ~Dyana M.

Neck, Shoulder, and Low Back Pain

On and off for the last 35 years I have been dealing with neck, shoulder, hip, and low back pain with constant ache, burning , and stabbing pain. I have disc degeneration in my low back and uneven hips where one leg is shorter than the other. Lifting and bending has been difficult as well as being able to stand up straight or getting out of a chair. Since chiropractic treatment I can stand up straight, bend, walk, and turn my head again for the first time in years. Dr. Trekell has a soft touch and the treatments actually help pretty quickly. I would highly recommend Dr. Trekell to other people. My trust has been restored in chiropractic care and I will continue to come here whenever I am need of care. ~Tammy R.

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