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After a long winter in Anchorage we are finally in the midst of spring.  Now that the ice is melting off the streets and sidewalks, its time to get walking.  Going for a moderate walk is very beneficial to the body in many ways, it is simple to do and it doesn’t require a gym membership.  It is a great cardiovascular exercise, helps to manage stress, and can even boost your memory.

Another great benefit of walking is it can help prevent or relieve low back pain.  These days we sit a lot.  We sit in our car commuting to work.  We sit at a computer once we get to work.  All this sitting is detrimental to the muscles and joints of the low back and pelvis.  Taking a walk several times a week is a great way to balance all the sitting we do on a daily basis.  Choose a route from your house and make a note of the time you spend walking, then work to increase it until you can walk 30 minutes.  Pay attention to the signals from your body, if you notice an increase in your low back pain back off the time you spend walking.  Also, be sure to avoid hills or uneven terrain which can put extra stress on the low back and always wear good, supportive shoes.

If you will walk three times per week and eat salads and vegetables for supper and reserve the meats and carbs (such as potatoes) for lunch you will allow your body to burn off the calories and lose weight.  This diet schedule will prevent you from loading up with calories just prior to winding down in the evening.

If you cannot walk very much because of a hip, knee, or ankle injury or arthritis, some options are to sign up for one the many water aerobic classes at one of our local pools.  Yet another option is the water-walk at H2Oasis off O’Malley road in south Anchorage which adds some resistance to your walk.  Another option is learning to utilize a therapy ball for low back exercises, which we will happily teach to you at our clinic.

Don’t delay, get walking today!



Broken Back

IMG_0151eBack in April 2015 I was involved in a car accident. There was constant ache, burning, numbness, and stabbing pain in my back and it was difficult to do any activities. I went to three different hospitals with no relief and still was in extreme pain. I was then referred to Dr. Trekell. After being examined and X-rayed, he informed me that I had a compression fracture and got me an appointment the following morning with Alaska Imaging ( I had been trying to get into a specialist for weeks with no luck but Dr. Trekell got me in immediately). They took me directly in for a CT scan. When I was coming out of the tube, four staff members surrounded me and held me still saying that if I move I could be paralyzed from the waist down. The paramedics came and flat boarded me to Providence where  I had an MRI taken and went straight into surgery. Dr. Susan Fix orchestrated my care at Providence and performed surgery . Four months after the surgery I am doing physical therapy with Dr. Trekell and progressing nicely. If Dr. Trekell had not been thorough and very good at what he does I would have been paralyzed from the waist down. He caught what three other major care providers missed and basically saved my life. ~Swanee S.

Degenerative Disc Disorder (DDD) and Post Trauma Pain

For thirty three years I had DDD (Degenerative Disc Disorder) and post-trauma problems. I had multiple cervical spine fractures due to a motor accident and a lumbar disc bulge while catching a falling patient. These conditions have been going on and off with constant aches and stabbing pain. It was difficult to jog, run, sit, or turn my head and I would have frequent headaches. After receiving chiropractic care much of the pain has been reduced and there’s a great increase in my range of motion. I would highly recommend Dr. Trekell and Dr. Ketz ~Dan K.

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